DIY Snowflake Small Gift Box

This snowflake box is perfect for elevating candy or small gifts. It only takes one piece of paper to make and a little bit of patience to fold. Best part is the .SVG can be downloaded for free!

What you need


The .SVG file can be downloaded for free from Extreme Paper Crafting’s 2010 post Twist Top Snowflake Box.

  1. Create a new project in Cricut design space and upload the .SVG
  2. Select All and resize the project to be less than 11.5 ( or 9.5 if using 8X10 cardstock). Drag the image over to the top left of the canvas if needed.
  3. Click “Detach” on the bottom right if the image is not separated. If the button says “Attach” then the project is already separated.
  4. Select each line layer and change it from “cut” to “score”.
  5. Select All one last time and hit the “Attach” button to make your layers one big image.
  6. You can now hit “Make It” in the top right and it’s time to cut!

screen 1

Beginner Tips

  • Do a test print on cheap cardstock to make sure all of your settings and score lines are correct
  • Scrapbook paper seems to score best when you use the posterboard setting on your Cricut dial
  • Fold all of your score lines both ways before attempting to glue anything down
  • Let the glue completely dry before putting anything inside

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase Sam Cam Creates makes a small commission off that sale. Read more on the Disclaimer page.


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