Boxing Week Cricut Craft Roundup

IMG_20171226_212002481 (1)

Star Wars Simple Cutout Art

What I learned

  1. Pumpkin Stencils are stupid easy to upload into design space and convert into cut images.
  2.  Glue Runners are worth every penny they saved me in time.

IMG_20171226_221418318 (1)

“Pot Head” Tea Box Label

What I learned

  1. The secret to cutting glitter vinyl at the right depth is to use the “custom setting” on your machine dial and selecting “glitter vinyl” in design space #whowouldvethought
  2. The secret to transferring glitter vinyl is to do it in as small of sections as possible using painters tape. The transfer tape that comes with the glitter vinyl is pretty useless and may stick to whatever surface you are trying to adhere your vinyl to a bit too strongly.

IMG_20171224_204240322 (1)

“Tis the Season” Holiday Card

What I learned…

  1. Changing the layers of your svg to a combination of cut and draw turns out quite nice.
  2. White glue makes a mess.

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