Working With Glitter Vinyl

I have a confession…

The first time I worked with glitter vinyl I was making the Alice in Wonderland quote cork mousepad. “But that is made with regular vinyl” you may be thinking. Well friend, that is because I cut the glitter vinyl on the regular vinyl setting which made it impossible to get onto the transfer paper. In the process of removing it I set my arm on the sticky side and had letters all up my right arm. I finally got everything in place and the “extra strong” transfer paper stuck to the cork, removing large chunks with it.  The project was ruined. I crumpled it in a rage and went to bed.


That was then and I’ve learned a thing or two. Here are a few tips for working with glitter vinyl and transferring vinyl onto wine glasses.

1. Turn your dial to “custom” and in the Cricut Design Space choose “glitter vinyl”


2. Use thick painters tape instead of the extra strong transfer paper.

3. Wipe down your glass surface with rubbing alcohol to make sure it is completely clean


Learn from my mistakes…

  • Measure twice, cut once… The cute bag only happened because my first cut was way too large to fit on the wine glasses.
  • Cut an extra… When taking the pictures I noticed the barcodes were missing lines. I had to cut an extra and manually fix the glasses.
  • Take your time… If I had checked when weeding I may not have had to make so many corrections.


Tools you need

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