3 Thoughts on the Terrifying and Hilarious World of Cricut/Craft Facebook Groups

Disclaimer: This post is satire not a tutorial. Enjoy.

Did you just comment “following” on a Facebook post and find suddenly a flood of hate falls from the heavens? Sent into a depression spiral you pack up and sell your Cricut and spend the money on counselling and wine.

Ask yourself though, if you had a question and all you got in return is a slew of notifications of googly eyes you might have some rage build up too…

There is a solution! From Facebook themselves:

To turn on notifications, click  in the top right of the post and select Turn on notifications for this post.


There is almost nothing worse on Facebook than a whole list of post-Christmas posts. “Hubby just got me this for Christmas, no idea what I should do with it.” or “HELP, how do I get started?”. You might not be able to see why, so I’ll tell you. 1. Many crafters beg/borrow/steal/pray to have the machine that just fell into your lap. You are literally not worthy. None of us are. ***kneels to Cricut***  (yes people seem to take it THIS seriously) 2. The Cricut is powerful, but still an entry level machine that basically hand holds you through setup and the first tutorials. Maybe you should just plug it in and see what happens… I bet you’ll be shocked! I was 🤯

If you ask one of those “questions” and someone says YouTube, they aren’t being mean. They actually mean go to YouTube and type in “Cricut” and enjoy the 320, 000 results.


You may at some point feel the need to rage quit a Facebook group. Go for it. However, if you decide to write a goodbye post detailing how all the people in the group are awful in your mind expect to be screenshot. The concept of privacy is very flimsy on Facebook and people are mean. You are also mean though if you just wrote one of those rage posts. So can’t really help you there. All I can say is don’t feed the trolls, and don’t be a troll. It’s not good karma.

If you have a legitimate question though ask it! You’ll find people genuinely helpful and sympathetic… well… for the most part. Maybe start with YouTube.

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Do you have a Cricut pet peeve? I do… Check out my post on my biggest Cricut Pet Peeve and tell me yours!


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