My Biggest Cricut Crafting Pet Peeve

I have a pet peeve. It’s new, but every time it happens a small part of my soul shrivels and I become just a tiny bit more cynical. I wish it were contained to the group that got a “craft machine” as a gift and found it’s so easy to use the Pinterest to find ideas to make change. Unfortunately for everyone, it’s not just the newbies. It’s bad, and after this you won’t be able to unsee it…

It’s when crafters sell their un-welded name signs to poor families that just don’t know any better. Personally, putting vinyl on a floorboard isn’t fancy to me, but if you must let’s do it properly.  

A quick Google Image search of “vinyl family signs” shows you what I mean. It doesn’t even matter who made these… it’s an epidemic.


The crazy part is it’s so simple to fix! So let’s do it.

How to weld in Cricut Design Space

1. Type out your design. It’s okay to be confused as to why it shows up this way.


2. Use the “Letter Spacing” arrows to move your letters closer together. It won’t look perfect yet, but it will be closer.


3. After getting your letters as close as possible, select your word and hit “UnGroup”


4. Now you can move your letters independently. Starting at the end of your word, move the letters until they are properly connected. Re-arrange your design if necessary.

5. WELD!!


6. Be amazed at how easy it was when you hit “Make It” and all of your letters are properly connected!


This method works for every design. There are other ways of course, feel free to share in the comments!

If this post saves even one family from a shoddy floorboard sign, it will all be worth it.


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