The 4 Types of People You Meet in an Online Cricut/Craft Group

The world of crafts is amazing. I learn something new and am surprised by something new every single day. For fun, let’s talk about the 4 types of people you will meet in an online craft group. Which one are you? Obviously none of them because this is satire. Enjoy.

The Newbies

You just got the coolest gift ever and are so excited to learn! You join every group hoping to find supportive, joyous folk not unlike yourself. There are so many and your Pinterest board is primed with ideas! Join them all!

Abruptly, you find that this is Alice in Wonderland not Candyland fun time, and it is WEIRD. Why is everyone yelling at each other and why are there so many rules!? What is welding and slicing, and you really just wanted to know where to find cheap vinyl… Instead you are being told that even saying Alice in Wonderland will get you sued, and if you buy discount vinyl without using an affiliate link you are an extra special kind of evil.

Your notifications are going InSaNe, but you’ll soon find which groups your new friends are really hanging out in.

Don’t worry darling, it gets so much better if you take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. (I couldn’t resist, forgive me)

The Means Well Intermediate

You were once a newbie too! You know how hard it can be. You might have an Etsy shop or blog and you are werking your Instagram.

You continue to moderate and make up rules to try and control the chaos. There is good stuff in there too! You can make some cash from your affiliate links, stay on top of the best sales, and keep your skills fresh. Everyone in the group knows who YOU are. #admin

I know it can become tiring, but keep on keepin’ on. Without you the entire online craft world descends into madness.

The Basics

You are going HAM with your 651. Mugs, mirrors, t-shirts… all fair game. Your favorite phrase is “I made it that way on purpose” and you can frequently be found asking your groups to “SPAM you with ideas!!!!!!!!”.

Your black market crafts are performing well on your local Facebook buyandsell group, and it’s neat how you can just grab the files from the internet for free.

Your thick skin is impressive. Keep on that HU   s   tle


. following


The Sassy

Oh heyy! You see the drama and you are HERE> FOR> IT. You are part of all the regular groups and few more secret sly ones. You are waiting at the keyboard for one of those poor basics to post their unwelded water bottles and dollar tree customizations to let them have it. You are the bane of every moderator and the hero of your fellow sassers (real word).

Take a screenshot and put on those reading glasses, there is a whole community ready and waiting for your next post. Did you see what the official Cricut social channels are sharing? SO embarrassing!!

The Secret 5th Group

You are the lurkers. You stay out of the madness, preferring to observe from a safe distance. You could be new or intermediate. We’ll never know…



But where are the advanced crafters? Well they certainly aren’t participating in all this nonsense. They are out making bank while we come up with strange names for each other.

I love all you crazy nerds. Keep creating.



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